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What Is Sport Psychology?

Sport Psychology is the study of how psychological factors can influence sport, athletics, exercise and physical activity. It can also involve how participation in any of these activities can impact mental health. In a nutshell, sport psychology services aim to integrate psychology and physiology by fostering innate self-awareness and by viewing the individual as a multi-dimensional human being.


Often, factors outside of sport may contribute to sports performance such as work/school, relationships, grief, stress, anxiety, etc. Therefore, the holistic outlook of the counseling profession is essential when working within the sport psychology realm.

Topics covered in sport psychology can include (but are not limited to): competition anxiety, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, energy balance, mindfulness, visualization, goal-setting, increasing concentration, mental toughness, team building, collaboration, cooperation, team dynamics, finding the right activity/position/sport for you, effects of exercise on physical and mental well-being, coping with injury, building physiological self-awareness, mind-body connection, time management, training requirements, routine establishment, rest/recovery, and emotional management. 

FitPeaceByPeace Mental Strategy

Assess: Assess athlete’s self-awareness, self-care strategies, and attitudes about winning/losing/success/failure & competition. Assess athlete’s motivation and relationship with self and sport.

Identify: Identify stressors & external factors currently impacting performance. Identify specific practice/performance situations which are mentally challenging. Identify support system and what is going well. 

Teach: Teach Fundamental Mental + Psychological Skills 

Apply: Apply mental skills that can be applied to sport specific situations. 

Evaluate: Evaluate effectiveness of mental skills and gather feedback to adjust accordingly

Get in the Mental Game

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