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Athlete Mental Fitness

Utilizing fundamental sport psychology concepts, cognitive training, and holistic outlook to enhance performance and athlete well-being.

We must train our minds like we train our bodies.

Athlete Self-Care 

Rest, recovery, nutrition, hydration, time management, energy balance, boundary setting.

Athlete Awareness

Fostering self-awareness as your ultimate superpower. Harnessing the mind-body connection. Identifying roadblocks. 

Athlete Achievement

Motivation, goal-setting, reassess, re-evaluate.

Adaptability +

embracing the process. 

Mental Fitness

Our minds are powerful---so powerful that the thoughts they generate can often override our bodies. Part of mental fitness training is about taming this power of the mind so that the mind and body can work together efficiently and effectively. Learning how to identify thoughts, sensations and emotional reactions can prime the mind-body communication pathway. Your mind and body were designed to work together. Physical fitness components such as endurance, strength, speed, power and flexibility can be applied to the mind as well. Having a fit mind means being able to practice psychological flexibility... perspective, attitude, adaptability, and resiliency.

Education for Athletes, Coaches & Teams.

Want coaching on how to train your mental muscles? Have a specific sport psychology topic in mind? Interested in 1-1 mental training or team workshop? Passionate about mental health for athletes? We'd love to hear from you. 

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