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Amanda Ranney, M.S.
Mental Coach, Certified Health Coach
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Amanda is a Jacksonville native who endorses integrative wellness, holistic health, functional fitness, intuitive living, and combating mental health stigma. She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Florida State University in 2013, and her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Jacksonville University. Amanda completed her practicum internship experience at the Jacksonville University Student Counseling Center where she provided individual therapy, telehealth, workshops, outreach projects, and sports psychology services for JU students. Daily, she seeks to integrate her training in both physiology + psychology to help others understand and appreciate their humanness as an interconnected system.

About Amanda

Before pursuing a career in mental health, Amanda worked in the fitness and wellness industries where she discovered the importance of the mind-body connection. This awareness served as the foundation for her continued holistic outlook ambitions. Along with her own love for a physically active lifestyle, Amanda has over a decade of collective experience coaching adolescent athletes, primarily in endurance sports. She enjoys helping athletes of all levels discover their potential while progressing in self-development both inside and outside of their sport. She has been actively involved in eating disorder awareness and recovery advocacy and has contributed to both speaking and writing engagements within the eating disorder sector. Research interests include trauma-informed care and exercise/movement integration in the eating disorder recovery model. Her personal victory in eating disorder recovery served as the primary motivating factor for her mental health profession.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys frequent trips to the beach, running, swimming, strength training, cooking, reading, journaling, and visiting family. She and her husband love to stay active and explore new places together. Their favorite travel spots include Colorado and Arizona---they got engaged in the Grand Canyon!

Other experience includes:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • High School Cross-Country Coach (2014-Present)

  • Community Outreach Coordinator, Canopy Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Center

  • Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Mentor 

  • Personal Training and Fitness Coaching (ACSM, ACE)

  • TRX Certified Trainer

  • Group Exercise Instructor 

  • Run Specialty Industry, 1stPlaceSports Running Company

  • Youth Ministry  

  • Worksite Wellness/Corporate Wellness Coaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Presentations/Seminars/Workshops

  • Blogger/Contributing Writer

  • Published Author: FitPeaceByPeace (Narrative Therapy Memoir)

  • Panel Guest: The Hidden Opponent, Student Athlete Mental Health

  • JU Alumni Panel Speaker, Clinical Mental Health, 2022, 2023, 2024

A Message from Amanda:

I believe in separating the person from the problem while getting to the root of the problem; exploring the emotions from the past but not staying in the past; mapping the problem’s influence on the present and emphasizing the power of the present; and helping the person apply new self-awareness to believe in a hopeful future and owning their full story—past, present, and future. 

When appropriate, I apply my Exercise Science background to help clients grasp a better understanding of their bodies on a physiological level. This is particularly useful for reintegrating traumatic experiences and helping clients establish a new sense of embodiment and self-compassion. I uphold a holistic outlook endorsed by the counseling profession and focus on the person underneath the symptoms. Specialties include sport psychology services, individual therapy working with adolescents, college students, student athletes, emerging adults, eating disorders/body image, anxiety, normal developmental adjustment, identity development, acute trauma, grief, and phase of life transitions.

My counseling philosophy believes in the capability of attaining adaptiveness and psychological flexibility with increasing self-awareness. I lean into the power of connection, authenticity, and vulnerability. Together, we work to discover the root of the roadblock, explore your multidimensional humanness, foster your innate strengths, and chase full integration of mind/body/soul. 

I like to imagine our individual lives like a puzzle just waiting to be pieced together. Sometimes we are too focused on the outer edges when we need to be piecing together the center. Sometimes one piece is out of place, and another is hiding underneath the box. Maybe we need an aerial view, or someone to help us group pieces together. Whatever the case, puzzles take patience and time. Perhaps we can begin to create your larger picture, piece by piece, and discover peace in the process. 

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