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Frequently Asked Questions 


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I'm interested in counseling, but have never gone to therapy before. How do I make an appointment?

We are glad you asked! The first time trying something new can seem daunting. We are here to help! Simply fill out the contact form or email to schedule a free 15-min consult call to see if this professional counseling relationship will be a good fit. From there, we can schedule your first full-length session to determine which services would best fit your needs. 


How long do counseling sessions last? Do you offer virtual sessions?

Each individual counseling session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Virtual sessions are available through a secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth system and also last approximately 50 minutes. Initial intake sessions tend to last about 60 minutes.


Do you take insurance? What are your rates?

I do not accept insurance at this time. However, many health insurance companies will often reimburse for mental health services. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your particular plan. Counseling and coaching prices are $140/initial intake session and $125/session for subsequent sessions. Workshop prices vary upon request. (See our Services page for a list of all services offered.) 


Is there a required number of sessions? Is this a contract?

Counseling and coaching are customized services which are unique to each individual. After our initial intake session, we will determine the most appropriate frequency and duration of the counseling or coaching service according to your specific situation. The counseling relationship is contractual in that you agree to adhere to procedural, legal and ethical professional guidelines, however, it is also collaborative. You are not "locked in" to a particular program or plan, and can choose to stop counseling at any time. It is suggested that you communicate with your counselor about your concerns and feelings regarding your wish to terminate.


What is the youngest age you will see?

At this time, I am only accepting clients age 13+. Please see the Resources section, or visit or Jax Therapy Network for additional referral recommendations. 


Initial Consult call (15 min) - FREE

Initial Session (~60 min) - $140

Subsequent Sessions (~50 min) - $125

Sport Psychology Initial Package (3 sessions) - $390

Workshops: By Request, Prices vary

For questions about any of the services listed above, or to schedule an initial consultation, please complete the form below.

Thank you for reaching out!

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